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Oklahoma State University

Selected Publications

Polarization-controlled asymmetric excitation of surface plasmons, Xu, Q,; Zhang, X.; Yang, Q.; Tian, C.; Xu, X.; Zhang, J.; Zhao, H.; Li, Y.; Ouyang, C.; Tian, Z.; Gu, J.; Zhang, X.; Han, J.; Zhang, W. Optica 2017, 4, 1044-1051.

Asymmetric excitation of surface plasmons by dark mode coupling, Zhang, X.; Xu, Q.; Li, Q.; Xu, Y.; Gu, J.; Tian, Z.; Ouyang, C.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, X.; Han, J.; Zhang, W. Science Advances 2016, 2, e1501142.

A graphene-silicon hybrid diode for terahertz waves, Li, Q.; Tian, Z.; Zhang, X.; Singh, R.; Du, L.; Gu, J.; Han, J.; Zhang, W. Nature Communications 2015, 6, 7082.

Anomalous surface wave launching by handedness phase control, Zhang, X.; Xu, Y.; Yue, W.; Tian, Z.; Gu, J.; Li, Y.; Singh, R.; Zhang, S.; Han, J.; Zhang, W. Advanced Materials 2015, 27, 7123-7129.

Tunable dispersion-free phase manipulation by Pancharatnam-Berry phase and extraordinary polarization control, Cong, L.; Xu, N.; Han, J. Zhang, W.; Singh, R. Advanced Materials 2015, 27, 6630-6636.

Experimental demonstration of ultrasensitive sensing with THz metamaterial absorbers: A comparison with the metasurfaces, Cong, L.; Tan, S.; Yahiaoui, R.; Yan, F.; Zhang, W.; Singh, R. Applied Physics Letters 2015, 106, 031107. [ESI® Highly Cited Paper; APL Associate Editor Tredicucci’s Selected Articles in Terahertz Devices; One of the most cited APL articles in 2015]

Manifestation of PT symmetry breaking in polarization space with terahertz metasurfaces, Mark Lawrence, M.; Xu, N.; Zhang, X.; Cong, L.; Han, J.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, S. Physical Review Letters 2014, 113, 093901.

Metasurface with simultaneous phase and amplitude control over a broad bandwidth, Liu, L.; Zhang, X.; Kenney, M.; Su, X.; Xu, N.; Ouyang, C.; Shi, Y.; Han, J.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, S. Advanced Materials 2014, 5031, 26.

Ultrasensitive THz sensing with high-Q Fano resonances in metasurfaces, Singh, R.; Cao, W.; Al-Naib, I.; Cong, L.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Zhang, W. Applied Physics Letters 2014, 105, 171101. [ESI® Highly Cited Paper; Cover Image; Best of APL’s featured articles published in 2014; One of the most cited APL articles in 2015]

Broadband terahertz wave deflection based on C-shape complex metamaterials with phase discontinuities, Zhang, X. Q.; Tian, Z.; Yue, W.; Gu, J.; Zhang, S.; Han, J.; Zhang, W. Advanced Materials 2013, 25, 4567-4572. [Frontispiece]

Active control of electromagnetically induced transparency analogue in terahertz metamaterials, Gu, J.; Singh, R.; Liu, X.; Zhang, X.; Ma, Y.; Zhang, S.; Maier, S. A.; Tian, Z.; Azad, A. K.; Chen, H.-T.; Taylor, A. J.; Han, J.; Zhang, W. Nature Communications 2012, 3. 1151. [ESI® Highly Cited Paper; MRS News: Metamaterial is engineering for ‘active slow light THz devices’, Metamaterials provide active control of ‘slow light’ devices]

Robust large dimension terahertz cloaking, Liang, D.; Gu, J.; Han, J.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, W. Advanced Materials 2012, 24, 916-921.

Triple-band terahertz metamaterial absorber: Design, experiment, and physical interpretation, Shen, X.; Yang, Y.; Zang, Y.; Gu, J.; Han, J.; Zhang, W.; Cui, T. Applied Physics Letters 2012, 101, 154102. [ESI® Highly Cited Paper]

Hiding a realistic object using a broadband terahertz invisibility cloak, Zhou, F.; Bao, Y.; Cao, W.; Stuart, C. T.; Gu, J.; Zhang, W.; Sun, C. Scientific Reports 2011, 1, 78. [CLEO:2011 Press Release; highlighted in OPN]

Observing metamaterial induced transparency using individual Fano resonators with broken symmetry, Singh, R.; Al-Naib, I.; Yang, Y.;  Chowdhury, D.; Cao, W.; Rockstuhl, C.; Ozaki, T.; Morandotti, R.; Zhang, W. Applied Physics Letters 2011, 99, 201107. [ESI® Highly Cited Paper; An Influential Paper by selected by the Deputy Editor, Qing Hu in April 2015]

Sharp Fano resonances in THz metamaterials, Singh, R.; Al-Naib, I.; Koch, M.; Zhang, W. Optics Express 2011, 19, 6312-6319. [ESI® Highly Cited Paper; A Top-Cited Article in Optics Express over the past two years, April 2013]

Negative refractive index in chiral metamaterials, Zhang, S.; Park, Y.-S.; Li, J.; Lu, X.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, X. Physical Review Letters 2009, 102, 023901. [ESI® Highly Cited Paper; Viewpoint in Physics 2009, 2, 3; View & News in Nature Photonics 2009, 3, 133]

Coupling between a dark and a bright eigenmode in a terahertz metamaterial, Singh, R.; Rockstuhl, C.; Lederer, F.; Zhang, W. Physical Review B 2009, 79, 085111. [ESI® Highly Cited Paper]

Analog of electromagnetically induced transparency in coupled terahertz resonators with strongly deviating quality factors, Chiam, S.; Bettiol, A.; Singh, R.; Zhang, W.; Rockstuhl, C.; Lederer, F. Physical Review B 2009, 80, 153103. [ESI® Highly Cited Paper]

Thin-film sensing with planar terahertz metamaterials: sensitivity and limitations, O’Hara, J. F.; Singh, R.; Brener, I.; Smirnova, E.; Han, J.; Taylor, A. J.; Zhang, W. Optics Express 2008, 16, 1786-1795. [ESI® Highly Cited Paper]

Direct observation of a transition of a surface plasmon resonance from a photonic crystal effect, Zhang, W.; Azad, A. K.; Han, J. G.; Xu, J. Z.; Chen, J.; Zhang, X.-C. Physical Review Letters 2007, 98, 183901. [ Silicon could open the way for new terahertz technology]

Transmission properties of terahertz pulses through subwavelength double split-ring resonators, Azad, A. K.; Dai, J. M.; Zhang, W. Optics Letters 2006, 31, 634-636.

Terahertz transmission properties of thin, subwavelength metallic hole arrays, Qu, D.; Grischkowsky, D.; Zhang, W. Optics Letters 2004, 29, 896-898.